Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL)

Whether you work at the computer all day, spend most of your time on the road or read quite a bit, our opticians know which PAL (Progressive Addition Lens) design will suit you best. There are plenty of lenses on the market, and rather than use a one design fits all approach, our opticians know the strengths and weaknesses of the latest PAL lens technology and can recommend which lens design will optimize the clarity and comfort of your eyesight.

One of the fastest growing PAL categories are lenses specifically designed for computer use and the office environment. These lenses place the computer viewing area of the lens straight ahead so there is no tilting your head back to find the clear spot to see your computer screen.  This ergonomically correct posture rescues neck and shoulder tension, making your work day much more enjoyable. The bottom of the lens is still for reading, but like the computer area it is larger and more comfortable than in a full prescription PAL. While these lenses provide a variety of limited distance vision from the very top, they are not meant for full time wear. This segment of the Pal market is growing so rapidly because of the relief it provides for those who spend most of their work day on a computer and reading. If you have been struggling and wishing there was something better to assist you in your work environment, wish no more – it’s here!

Some of the most exciting new PAL specialty lenses to hit the market include the Golf lens (for those who take their golf game seriously it’s a must have), this lens design is also good for hiking, skiing and other sports activities where you  want the reading power to be lower in the glasses. The InTouch is a great new lens for people who use hand-held devices a lot; the screen is so clear and sharp. There are also a number of new lens coating and tinting options that can enhance your vision in many ways specific to how you use your eyes.

Some of the lens designs we use include:

Carl Zeiss

Choice & Choice Plus – The newest in a backside freeform PAL from Zeiss offering 30 to 40% wider fields of view.

GT2, GT2 3D & GT2 3D V – Designed for increased field of view, great for people who read a lot.

Gradal RD & Business – Office environment lenses for people on the computer and reading all day.

Individual & Individual 2 – Premium custom fit lens designed specifically to the patient.

Officelens – An office environment lens that allows the wearer to personalize the work zone space, selecting the design that fits their environment; The Book allows viewing for reading, hand held devices and PC monitors, the Desk adds a few feet to include clear viewing of someone sitting on the other side of your desk and the Room increases clear vision out to 14 feet.


Anti-Fatigue – While this lens is not considered a bifocal or a PAL, it has a touch of near power boost in the bottom of a single vision lens. It’s excellent for College students and testers! Even young adults can experience eyestrain and need help with near vision demands.

Essilor Varilux

Physio Enhanced – A digital lens with design features on both the back & front surfaces of the len, allowing for less distortion and sharper images with better contrast.

Physio Enhanced Fit – The fit adds a level of customization taking into account the frame specifications and how it fits the patient making this an excellent choice for many of our patients.

S Series – Offers expansive vision and clarity by calculating the pair of lenses taking into account the unique prescription along with the frame specifications.

S Series 4D – This PAL adds to the technology of the S Series by utilizing a series of unique measurements that no other lens takes into account. For those who are looking for the optimum in lens performance.


Attitude – Designed for big fashion and wrap style frames.

Autograph II Office – This office environment lens was created with the professional & hobbyist in mind providing optimal near & intermediate vision.

Autograph III – One of the top lenses available; a well-balanced PAL, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription to ensure a clear & comfortable visual experience. This lens is a great choice for people with hyperopia.

Golf – Freeform PAL with the 3 vision zones specifically tailored to the needs of a golfer.

InTouch – An everyday progressive that enhances visual comfort in the zone most utilized for handheld technology.


Ergo HD – Specifically designed for computer use. This is an office environment lens which has been designed to reduce Digital Eye Fatigue. This is accomplished through the use of a combination of lens tinting and coating combined with ergonomically designed frames. A no-line bifocal (no distance in this lens) provides extra-wide near vision through the bottom, transitioning to extra-wide intermediate vision through the top of the lens, for uninterrupted digital work and play.


Graffiti Stairs Illusion
In this subway, this guy spray painted the wall to appear as an illusion of the stairs coming out of the wall.