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An Eye on Toy Safety

Selecting the right toys with eye safety in mind is something all moms and dads worry about. How can parents make sure they choose toys that keep kids' eyes in mind?

Infants are born with a primitive visual system which, through stimulation, develops throughout their growing years. Nothing stimulates a child's visual development more efficiently than playing, which involves hand-eye coordination and a deeper understanding of spatial relationships. In the first three months of life, a baby's color vision hasn't properly developed, so simple black and white pictures of things like bulls-eyes or checkerboard patterns are really helpful for encouraging visual development.

Since children spend a large amount of their day using their toys, moms and dads need to check that their toys are safe for their eyes as well as their total safety. A toy that is not age appropriate is often unsafe. It is equally important to make sure that the toy is developmentally appropriate, too. Even though toy manufacturers mention targeted age groups on packaging, as a parent, you still need to be smart, and prevent your son or daughter from playing with toys that could lead to an injury and vision loss.

Steer clear of toys that have points or edges or sharp components for little ones, and be sure that things with long sticks, like pony sticks or toy brooms have rounded handles. Always pay attention when they play with those kinds of toys.

For kids younger than 6, be wary of toys with flying parts, such as slingshots. Always closely watch children playing with toys like that. Whereas, if you have teens who play with chemistry sets or woodworking tools, always make sure they wear safety goggles.

When you're next shopping for the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions, pay attention to the age and developmental recommendations on toys. Be certain that toys you buy don't pose any risk to your child's eyes.