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Contacts and Makeup: Mill Creek, WA


If you wear contacts there are a number of precautions that should be taken in regard to applying makeup. Below are some pointers on ways to ensure you keep your eyes attractive and healthy.

Purchasing Makeup

To start, eye care professionals strongly suggest that you purchase only brands that are fragrance and oil free. Additionally, to prevent peeling or smudging, which could end up irritating your contacts, use waterproof mascara and eye liner pencils. Finally it's important to switch makeup used for your eyes frequently - it is preferable to replace mascara monthly, liners every three months and eye shadows every 6 months.

Applying Cosmetics

Be careful to rinse your hands prior to applying your contacts. Put on eye shadow, liner and mascara with care so you won't damage your contact lenses. Don't apply a brush or liner to the inside lid and apply mascara at the midpoint of the eyelashes instead of the base. Never share makeup with others or apply if the eyes are red or irritated.

In addition to removing cosmetics daily try to be proactive and avoid wearing contacts when you know you will be in contact with chemicals such as those used for dying hair or in a beauty salon.

Following these guidelines when applying eye makeup during lens use can prevent red, swollen or infected eyes as well as damage to lenses.

If your eyes are swollen or infected avoid applying makeup. Feel free to contact your eye care practitioner if you have any redness, discomfort, or itchiness. Our Mill Creek, WA optometrist can assist you with any contact lens problems that you may be having.