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Trouble Seeing With Your Lenses?

VX40nbkgdVisionNix XC40

Is it the doctor’s prescription or the lenses? Many times it’s the lenses. With today’s new lens technologies lens optics can vary greatly from one brand to another. Which brand, design, is best for you?

With the VisioNix XC40 we now have the technology to help you answer this question. This instrument analyzes the lens powers in a lens from edge to edge. Previous instruments only analyzed one or two “spots” on a lens.

Just as we have unique fingerprints, the various lens manufacturers have unique optical fingerprints or designs in their lenses.

Curious how your lens compares? Come let our expert opticians show you. We are an independent optical and have the freedom to recommend the lens brand that is best for you. Our lens recommendations are not limited by corporate contracts.


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