Designer Frames


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We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Come in and be amazed at our selection of new and exciting fashion frames! Here are just some of the lines we offer:

  • Ray-Ban
  • awear
  • 4b51b_20130108143452
  • Kate Spade
  • fysh
  • Klick
  • NW 77th
  • Burberry
  • oakley
  • Tiffany
  • Tom Ford color
  • Dragon
  • Prodesign
  • dandg logo
  • nike
  • Wiley X
  • Flexon
  • TC Charton
  • Marchon Airlock
  • guess
  • OVVO
  • Sean John
  • swarovsky
  • C Zone
  • Elle

 Watch some amazing videos from OVVO!


These are just some of the many lines we carry. Come in today and see all of our collections. With close to 1,000 frames to choose from you will be sure to find a style that's right for you!

Our Optician's Picks

Is there such a thing as too much choice? Sometimes the selection of eyewear on the market can be overwhelming. We can help! Our Optician's Pick list highlights brands that have been proven winners with both our staff and our customers. Click to learn more about each one:

  • Unique and funky, Fysh is inspired by the beauty and freedom of the sea. Fashion eyewear for women who are hooked on life!
  • OVVO eyewear is a flawless piece of art, sophisticated, comfortable, durable and flexible.
  • An elegant outlook on style with impeccable craftsmanship and unexpected details.
  • A trusted brand in sportswear, it  goes without saying that with Nikevision, the same applies.  Their lightweight, stylish, flexible and durable eyeglasses are second to none.