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Important Office COVID-19 Update

Our COVID-19 Update June 19, 2021

What a difference a couple of months can make. We want to thank our patients for their patience and understanding during these most unusual times.

Thank you for wearing your masks and observing social distancing (appointments only) when you have visited our clinic. Thank you also for demonstrating your consideration for the health of others and yourself by obtaining your COVID-19 vaccinations. Your compassion has made it possible for us to make progress with managing this pandemic. We consider ourselves to be so
fortunate to serve such a wonderful family of patients.

It appears very likely that Governor Inslee will allow the general public to move to the final phase of his COVID-19 policies at the end of June. We are all looking forward to this return to “normal”. However, I wish to inform our patients that these general public, business, policies may not apply to health care facilities at the same time.

We follow the policies of our Board of Health and will continue our current protocols of masking and social distancing in our clinic until the Board of Health sends us an official notification to cease. It may be a week or two after the end of June, until our patients will officially be allowed to not mask or observe social distancing protocols in our clinic.

The safety of our patients, our staff, and our community remains our priority. Thank you once again for your understanding and patience. It appears we may be close to the “finishing line”.

Wishing us all good health,

Your Staff and Doctors at Mill Creek Vision