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Masking is required by our Department of Health, for all health care facilities.

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Office Update for Coronavirus

August 18, 2020 - Hybrid Eye Exams

The pandemic has dictated many changes in how doctors examine you. Currently to prevent the spread of this stubborn virus we utilize two basic principles. Sanitation and social distancing. Of course the wearing of face masks is one aspect of social distancing. An element of distancing is also minimizing face to face interactions with our patients. In health care we refer to this as the Hybrid Exam. We adopt these protocols to minimize the spread of the virus to other patients, our employees, and our families.

You will find we are using new testing instruments and technologies that reduce the face-to-face time doctors interact with you. The following changes have taken place in our patient care:

  1. After testing data has been obtained by our assistants you will be seated in an exam room. Your doctor will be remotely analyzing and evaluating your test results from another room. Once you are seated in your room, it may be 15- 20 minutes before the doctor will have face to face contact with you to perform any additional tests that are necessary as well as explain the results of your examination.
  2. We are using different exam rooms for different patients. Some of our rooms are designated for use with high risk patients. We thank you in advance for your patience with the delays this may cause.
  3. Some examination results may require an extra amount of time to explain the results. It may be necessary to continue the explanation with a tele-med examination link or a phone call after your visit with us is completed.
  4. If you are a high risk patient or living in a high risk situation (such as living with older family members or family members with high risk health conditions), please inform us at the time of scheduling your appointment. We will schedule you for a first patient of the day or first patient in the afternoon appointment.
  5. Face masks are required by state law. If you cannot wear a mask for health reasons, please inform us when you schedule your examination so we may schedule you at a time to allow extra social distancing from others.
  6. We now offer tele-med eye care. Please note. Not all conditions may be cared for with this remote technology. It does require use of your smart phone. Some insurance plans are not reimbursing for this exam type at this time.
  7. It is important we maintain distancing in our optical area. Please call to schedule for any optical, eyeglasses, service. We are sorry, but we may not be able to help you if you  “walk-in” without an appointment or if you wish to use our optical immediately after an eye examination. We may need to schedule you for the first open optical appointment available.
  8. Like other industries we are experiencing shortages and delays of products and services in eye care. We are encountering shortages of some prescription medications by pharmacies. We are also experiencing delays from optical lab services as well.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in these unusual times.