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The Importance of Changing Your Contact Lenses

How often do you leave your soft contact lenses in for just a few days longer than your optometrist instructs? It's a pretty accepted fact that so many things are just plain better when they haven't been used too much. The same principle applies to your contact lenses. There is no shortage of reasons not to keep your lenses in for longer than you've been instructed to. Although it might seem harmless, if you care about your eyes, stick to the wearing and changing routine that your eye care professional decides on. So, if your optometrist tells you to use a new pair every two weeks, then change them every two weeks, because they can't be worn any longer than that.

You might ask, can't I just squeeze two or three additional wears out of them? To answer this, let's take a look at protein - not the type you stir into your shakes, but the natural protein contained in your eye fluids that gathers over time on your lenses which forms a mild haze. Foggy vision is only the first symptom.

After some time, these proteins transform and make your immune system think the accumulation is a foreign particle, which in turn can lead to itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. This leads to a situation where you won't be seeing your best. Dust and pollen also build up on the lens, slowly make it less clear Even when you're strict about caring for your contacts, as time passes, they become less smooth and clear, which is the result of normal deterioration.

So adhere to the routine your optometrist has instructed you to. Everyone's eyes are unique, so only your optometrist should decide on the correct contact lens replacement routine for you. When you dispose of and replace your contact lenses when you're told to, you will never even recognize the difference that is so obvious when you use them longer than you're supposed to.