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Treating My Myopia

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1. Studies have shown that when sunlight comes in contact with the retina, it causes the release of dopamine into the eye. This may prevent the eye from elongating.

2. What is certain: children who spend at least 2-3 hours playing outdoors progress less rapidly for myopia than children who spend almost all their time indoors. Learn more about our treatment options for myopia in children.

3. It is well established that prolonged near activities like reading and screen time contribute to myopia onset and progression. Spending time outdoors, on the other hand, encourages your child to focus on distant objects like trees, basketball hoops, a ball flying through the air— anything that’s more than an arm’s length away.

4. Did you know outdoor time is a key factor in slowing the progression of myopia? To stay up to date on the latest information regarding childhood myopia, sign up for our newsletter: 

5. Getting outdoors is a great way to slow the progression of myopia and knowing the current risk factors for myopia progression is key. Take this short quiz to find out the risk of progressive myopia in your child and how you can help them.

6. Outdoor time has never been more critical. It’s no surprise that studies now show COVID-19 confinement may have caused higher rates of myopia in children. Get to know the facts about myopia in children.

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