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What We’ll Ask You At Your Eye Exam

Ladies and gentlemen with eye examinations coming up in the near future, can we have your attention please? In order for us to guarantee that your exam is thorough and worthwhile, there are a few things we'll need to know.

Because your eyes can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, it's vital that you inform us of any changes you may have recently become aware of. This includes diabetes, pregnancy, high blood pressure or allergies.

Eye doctors will also take into consideration some details regarding your lifestyle habits, such as whether you smoke or drink alcohol, because this can have a poor effect on your eyes. In addition, we'll examine what you're actually using your eyes for. Are you an artist who strains your eyes working on fine details? Being aware of these details will make it easier for us to choose your treatment plan.

And if you have any eye diseases that effect anyone in your family, you should inform us, because several of them are hereditary. It's much less complicated to keep an eye out for symptoms when we're already aware what you may be vulnerable to.

Make an appointment if you notice anything odd about your eyes and vision including blurriness, fatigue, flashes of light, spots and double vision. With the information we have about your history, coupled with our expertise, we'll ascertain what's behind the symptom, and figure out the most appropriate way to treat it. It's also helpful if you bring your glasses along to your appointment. They provide important information, even if you're a contact lens wearer. So don't forget all this when you next see us. Together, we'll figure out how to resolve whatever issue you may be having!