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Winter Dry Eye Syndrome… No Need to Suffer

Even though many people refer to winter as the wet time of year due to the rain and snow, the air is really a lot dryer during the winter, which can cause your eyes to be more sensitive.

Our staff can assist you in choosing the most effective options to keep your eyes moisturized this winter. While you are indoors you should prevent dryness by using a humidifier. Eye doctors recommend the use of humidifiers in spaces with forced air heaters, which can decrease moisture from the environment.

In addition, make sure to take extra precautions once you step outside into the cold air. You can further shield your eyes from the wind and cold by putting on a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. It is important to keep the whipping winds away to keep them from drying out your eyes.

An additional easy tip for avoiding dry eyes, is applying quality eye cream. Our eye care practice can suggest a good eye cream to help you protect the sensitive eye area.

Don't forget that if you use contacts it’s important to be extra careful in the colder months. When possible, make use of rewetting drops frequently. While you may not realize it, lenses are like sponges and are required to stay wet to maintain their shape. Once they loose moisture, the lenses can lose their shape and cling to the eyeball, which causes discomfort and blurriness. So let your contacts drink up...  and make sure to keep them moisturized this winter. With a little awareness and preparation, you can stay clear of the hazards of the cold, dry weather and keep your eyes clear and moisturized the whole season!