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Carl Zeiss Certified Vision Center

2000px Zeiss logo.svgAs a locally certified Carl Zeiss Vision practice, we are specially trained to give you the benefit of more than 150 years of precision German engineering, state-of-the-art technology, optical innovation, and unmatched quality with Zeiss lens designs.

Our certified Carl Zeiss Vision optical has the training and expertise to help you achieve perfect vision, utilizing quality lens optics as well as precision eyeglass fitting technology such as the Zeiss i – Terminal.

See how Zeiss lenses can change the way you see the world.

But there is more. Our experience with patients and lenses has demonstrated that different lens brands are designed and engineered differently. Some have “softer” optics and other brands have “sharper” optics. Some lens designs emphasize distance vision. Other lens brands emphasize near (hand held print) vision and still others emphasize mid range (computer monitor) vision.

Therefore, we utilize not only Zeiss optics but also Shamir, Varilux, Pentax, and Hoya lens designs to achieve clear, comfortable vision.

Feel free to share your vision demands, requirements, with us. We are happy to make lens design suggestions to achieve your visual needs.

Our optometry certified assistants and techs have the experience to assist you. Our newest addition has been with us for two years. Our most experienced has been with us for twelve years.