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Hoya Lenses

Hoya blue light


The Hoya Vision product range is the result of years of dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology

What Are HOYA Lenses?

HOYA lenses are made from a variety of materials and available with different coatings that you can choose based on your vision needs. Dr. Arima will help you determine which combination is best for your eye care needs.

HOYA Lenses for Children

Nowadays, our kids are constantly exposed to screens. Whether they are in a school that uses laptops, spend time on your home computer or hours on their cell phone, today’s children are more connected than ever. Dr. Arima wants to protect your child’s eyes from harmful blue light and other rays that are present in their screens.

Additionally, HOYA lenses protect your eyes from UV rays. That is why we fit our younger patients with HOYA lenses. It is never to early to start protecting your eyes!

HOYA Provides:

  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Light lens materials
  • Sharp, clear vision
  • Impact resistant
  • UV protection